The Non Required


Dear Reader,

You are welcome to disagree/contribute, but before consult the Ten Commandments, the true ones.

1. Thou shalt respect every opinion voiced in a post or comment.

2. Thou shalt avoid using SMS language and swearing

3. Thou shalt honor the others with your silence if Thou have nothing smart to say.

4. Thou shalt clearly identify yourself – be a man for god’s sake !!!

5. Thou shalt re-read all these Commandments twice, so we can really call them the Ten Commandments.

Enjoy !


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Ok, I read it twice. I still don’t have anything smart to say though. ……..
Hamilton rules !
Sorry, I tried…

Comment by lova

Hello there ! Thanks for stopping by ! I moved us into the “Mario Kart et la F1” to comment on “Hamilton rules”… 🙂

Comment by tnr

“Thou shall clearly identify yourself – be a man for god’s sake ”

First a grammatical rectification : Je crois que si tu veux utiliser le pronom “Thou” , le verbe se conjugue differemment : use “shalt” instead of “shall”.

So one has to clearly identify oneself, uh ? and what kind of clear identity does calling oneself “tnr” confer?

As you can tell, I am enjoying your blog.

Comment by sipakv

SipaKV. First of all welcome. Second, I definitely need to apologize for shall instead of shalt. Our PR officer (myself) will make the needed changes. As for ‘tnr’, we are in the process of trying to clarify this identity/meaning thing. Cheers.

Comment by tnr

No need to apologize, I just wanted to tease you guys a little bit. I make my share of mistakes myself.
And yes, the blog identity and persona is a fascinating topic, I found out myself after somebody identified me in real life as SipaKV. I will be looking forward to your clarification.

Comment by sipakv

Sipakv. The process has begun…

Comment by tnr

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