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March 20, 2008, 6:27 pm
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The moment probably passed for the tag mania thing, but I thought it was the simplest way for a come back. And since Insane Mind asked, here are the other TNR’s 7 secrets

  1. When I’m pissed off at work, I think of becoming a photographer
  2. I don’t like girl stuff: make up, high heels, skirts…etc.
  3. I want to grab my camera, my bag and travel
  4. I think I’d enjoy the army
  5. I think Schgeumland needs a dictator
  6. I’m f…ing tired of the words “leadership”, “next steps”
  7. I love Six Feet Under




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sport national
I’d totally agree with 5/ if I was the dictator…I don’t mind really…
2/ makes you on “Team Jean” on my “Blogger Profile” survey…of course I’m not surprised…
3/ …leave…

Comment by joan

Thank you! 🙂
For #5: I agree and I volunteer in 20 years… I’m currently training on my mother… Ahem.
#4: Oh…. Hmmm… Wow! (;)) – I think I’d need the discipline!
If you’re the one taking the photographs posted until now (maybe it’s a collaboration between both of you though?): you are a photographer! Just not for a living… Oh? That’s your point eh? If you ever decide to do it, warn me. I like to fantasize about being a world-reporter/Indiana Jones like person (except I’d leave artifacts in their country of origins… It’s the traveling I find cool): I’ll join you! I’ll get a weapon to smack people who get too close! 😀 Plus I do great “scary eyes”! (then again, maybe you’d rather be by yourself… argh)

(huge hugs in a non-physically invasive way)

Comment by Insane Mind

When I pick 1, 3,4 and 5. It makes me think about a movie. I don’t really remember the title but it was about a photograph reporter in the vietnam war.

Comment by Crjo

A défaut de nouveau post, il y a eu un changement de papier peint par ici.
(ou alors, c’est moi qui bigle ?)

Comment by Vola

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