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Ain’t No Love
March 19, 2008, 5:02 am
Filed under: Les Dieux sont tombés sur la tête, Post perso

Tous les athées autour de moi mènent une vie bien plus digne, plus morale et plus humaine qu’aucun dévôt que je connaisse.

I’ve never had a religious inclination. This sense that there’s some sort of love that shapes our lives is surely wrong. It’s far deeper forces than that. It’s survival and nurture and instinct, it’s animal and it’s very core. That’s what our existence is and I think that notion just struck a chord with me. David Gray


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David Gray +1 :). Oh and welcome back. You were missed.

Comment by lova

je te jure, les gars ils en pouvaient plus ça spammait de partout pour compenser…pfffff

Comment by joan

sans h joan, sans h !

Comment by Crjo

messi crjo! you’re language savior (says the girl who’s very close to get banned by the entire blaogy community)….ain’t no love marina!!

Comment by joan

mifoka h angaha ‘le joan ?

Comment by Rajiosy

fa ahona? j’ai tout le temps l’air HS hein? vizana be aho…

Comment by joan

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