The Non Required

Caption this:
December 1, 2007, 9:37 pm
Filed under: Humour, Les Amours, Nos amis les animaux

I hesitated for a while and was going to name this post “Men”…but instead you get to caption the pictures !

Men step 3

Men step 1

Men step 2

PS: these are genuine TNR pictures !


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From Tsimbaza ? 🙂

Comment by Nj


From the Zoo de Vincennes.


Comment by tnr

It took 3 views to actually figure out what they were doing, but I was already laughing before! And the “title that might have been”… eh… Exactly how I see them right now!

Comment by Insane Mind

Insane Mind. Do you mean “happy”?

Comment by tnr

… “it’s all about me” and … “lower part of the body controlled”… but then again, I’m in one of those [not patient with men] frame of mind…!
P.S. Hope you’re both treated well wherever you are!

Comment by Insane Mind

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