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Relationship status
August 18, 2007, 9:16 pm
Filed under: Les Amours

Aaah massive social network…I recently joined one though I never thought I would, but I’m actually pretty happy about it. I like the graphic interface, I like how people identify themselves with their real names, the fact that you can access details only if you’re “friends” and I’m satisfied because I caught up with people I haven’t heard of for more than a decade.

There’s a funny thing when you edit your profile on your “relationship status”. You have the choice between: single, in a relationship, engaged, in an open relationship, married and it’s complicated.

Let me take a guess on what they really mean:

– Single: seeing no one

– Open relationship: you’re dating, but it is not an exclusive relationship

– It’s complicated: I don’t have a guess for this one

– Engaged: you are seeing someone

– Married: you are seeing someone

– In a relationship: you are seeing someone

Why are there 3 options for the same status ? If you are currently seeing someone, the bottom line is “you are not available” (should be, otherwise you’d be in an open relationship). If they convey a level of commitment, faithfulness and/or durability, I personally think it’s nonsense. You can be married and divorce, you can be engaged and never marry, you can be in a relationship and split and in all cases unfaithful whether you’ve been together for 2 months or 10 years. So I would suggest they narrow down the choices to:

  • Single
  • Open relationship
  • It’s complicated and please detail, we want to know !!
  • In a relationship

What do you think ?


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“currently in the doghouse” and ” looking for a way out” need to be added

Comment by lova

(got a kick out of Lova’s answers!)
I’ll add: “wants to just have fun” (whatever that may imply) and “wants something with substance/potentially serious”… But then that’s just to save my own damn time! (lol).

Comment by Insane Mind

This social network sounds quite familiar :). Are we “friends” and I did not even know about it ? 🙂

Comment by lova

Lova. I’m sure you’ve correctly identified the network, but we are not “friends” yet 🙂

Comment by tnr

lova is friend with everybody and when you add him he simply jump on the first flight to your town and knock at your door just to get you to help him buy a suit…

What I hate the most is the “What I’ve been doing for the last 10 years” section…geez is everyone really interested in my accomplishments at school/work?? even my dad doesn’t bother to ask ….

Comment by jogany

Jogany. That is the first (and only?) section I read… 1/2 joke

Comment by tnr

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