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Survival tips for this summer
July 20, 2007, 9:36 am
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If you happen to be going in the Amazon region this summer, you might fall upon the largest snake in the world: up to 8.8 meters, 230 kg and 30 cm in diameter. Now I know nothing scares you, but imagine:

Get attacked by an anacondathat an anaconda sinks his fangs deep into your flesh, what do you do ?

1) poke his eyes

2) push further in or

3) pull straight out

Maybe you weren’t planning on going to South America so you don’t care. If you think you’re better off at the beach than you’re…wrong. They are found throughout the world: great white sharks are the largest predatory fish on Earth and can reach 6 meters and 2 200 kg.


Ha ha, now imagine a shark attacks…what’s going to save your guts ? (take a look at the picture)

1) splash violently

2) go for the eyes

3) play dead

National Geographic advises to choose wisely, they think it might be fatal… Oooh and did you know that they can detect a drop of blood in 100 liters ? This means that if one charges at you and gets a teeny-tiny bit of your flesh, others may come along ! Good luck with the eye poking, it’s their soft spot !!

If you’re wondering for the anaconda, you’ll find the answer here (scroll down to the Multimedia section and click on Video:anaconda hunts\Anaconda bites Man).

You can visit the National Geographic site, they have interesting short documentaries on various topics, great pictures as well as podcasts.


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